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This is real! Shanghai Thai Spa offers Swedish and Deep Tissue, as well as a range of specialty Massage services in Andheri. One of them is Thai massage. Sometimes called Thai yoga massage, this revival of the experience combines the compression and stretching to relax the muscles.

Be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothes for Thai massage. When you arrive, your therapist will ask you to lie down on the mat. Your therapists will neither the use of oil or lotion nor rub the muscles, but will compress and stretch the body.

This massage style usually follows the specified line in the body (called "sen"). The legs and feet can be used to place the body or limbs before some areas are compressed or stretched. In other places, their hands will be fixed in the body when the body massage.                                                                                                             

Thai massage combines the rhythmic massage and stretch of the whole body. This may include extending the fingers, toes, and ears, and your body may be moved through a variety of different positions. Massage has a standard program and rhythm, the therapist will be adjusted according to your individual needs.

All these stretching and holding is for a purpose! Each movement and position help the body release the tension of the joints, muscles, and fascia, thereby releasing the whole body's stiffness and pain. By carefully applying the pressure along the traditional line (called "energy meridian" in Chinese medicine), this massage helps to release any energy blocking and stagnation to help you feel happy, relaxed and energetic.

If you do not think that Thai Massage is a way to reduce stress and restore vitality, we invite you to try. We know you'll love it!


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