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In the past, the Stones were heated in hot water at a temperature of 50 - 53 ° C or 120 - 130 ° F. Now a days, rocks or stones are heated by electronically. The warm marble stone is placed on the back of the therapist for massage. Before the stone is placed on the skin, each customer will taste the temperature of the stone. Customers may have different sensitivities to heat. The stone is used as a tool for the proper use of medium depth pressure to transfer heat and massage effectively. Volcanic basalt rocks are often used to retain the heat and the stone's magnetic and mineral properties. Or use marble stones. Marble stone shape smooth, while flat. Put the hot stone on the skin and massage the skin with oil. The therapist will put the warm gem on the skin that covers the muscles, the quality is large, and the application of moderate pressure, so that heat through the skin to the muscle mass. Slow pressure increases to promote further heat transfer to the muscle group. Sometime this therapy combines with cold stone massage therapy. Changes in skin and muscle temperature improve blood circulation through contraction and lymphatic vessels and relaxation of blood vessels. Heat therapy helps to relieve muscle and bone pain and increase blood supply. Heat from the stone can relax the muscles, increase the flow of blood to the processing area, to further accelerate the healing process, contribute to the spirit of relaxation.


Do not take Hot Stone Massage on the following condition: 

- Heart disease

- Abnormal skin conditions such as infection, psoriasis and rash, bruising, inflammation of skin eczema, and hematoma

- History of immunosuppressant

- Deep venous thrombosis - deep vein and arterial dilatation can get rid of thrombosis and discharge blood clots (Embolization)

- Chemotherapy

- Pregnant women

- Surgical wounds 


Hot stone treatment is suitable for the following conditions: 

- Relaxation

- Insomnia

- Myofascial pain syndrome

- The cycle is weak

- Osteoarthritis

- Hot stone massage is suitable for those who tend to cold or cold feet.

- Fibromyalgia

- Stress, anxiety, and tension

- Muscle spasms

- Arthritis pain


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