The philosophy of our Shanghai Thai Spa is to concede our guests to achieve harmony and balance of body, mind and spirit in our unique ambiance. As there are many spas, but none will bring you the true Shanghai Thai culture experience as here one can feel the beauty of our luxurious spa atmosphere.

Our hope is to help educate people of massage benefits for their body. As each massage therapy has its own healing properties which are useful in treating various ailments apart from providing holistic rejuvenation as our ultimate goal here is to make luxury affordable so we welcome you to discover your clandestine ritual for serenity at Shanghai Thai Spa.

As each guest is unique, the touch and technique of each therapy and the style of is different. Knowing this we keep an open mind and listen to the needs of the client. You will leave stress and pain-free and we are confident you will become a allegiance/satisfied customer.

Lets feel Shanghai Thai Spa, you can let loose, reward yourself, indulge, relax and enjoy the distinction pleasure of pampering yourself.

Vision & Mission


Our Endeavour is to promote health and wellness through our specialized Shanghai Thai massage techniques and provide our customers with a pleasing experience.


To relax the mind and revitalizing the body with delegacy every time by creating engaging experiences straight from our heart.




We have a full of smart, driven team who care a lot more about getting it done, and the associations we build, than about proving how clever we are, along with our uncompromising dedication to excellence, we are renowned for our personal approach who delivers the most efficient and varied massage wellness therapies.

Our experts’ team is solemn and motivated, trained; they know exactly how to process for each treatment. Each individual has complex knowledge about the anatomy and endeavor to offer guest the most qualitative massage experiences.